Sandra Fencl was already interested in the topics of health and balanced nutrition when she was twelve. At the age of 19, she completed training to become a human health trainer and then many more horse training courses followed. As a holistic horse expert, during her very successful work as a horse therapist, she increasingly had to encounter horses with abnormal metabolism or feed-related illnesses. Their knowledge of nutrition, but also the lack of really useful horse supplements and the many horses that were incorrectly fed, finally led them to contact the pharmacy they trusted, the Katharinen-Apotheke in Unterhaching.

The idea for the Horse Vitality Company was born. Because their four-legged family also needed “health to eat”! And so the metabolism booster, pure magnesium citrate and other high-quality supplementary feed for horses in pharmacy quality were successively produced. A milestone in the history of health-promoting horse products!

Maximilian Obernauer

Maximilian Obernauer worked in various management positions at home and abroad for a large international corporation with a focus on finance and sales for almost 20 years.
Together with his partners, he founded the Horse Vitality Company in 2019 with the aim of sustainably changing the horse health market.

As an animal lover and long-time dog owner, he wanted to offer horses and horse owners supplementary feed that does not require any "fillers" or stressful additives and can therefore really improve the horse's health holistically and provide the horse with a diet rich in vital nutrients.
Today he serves as managing director of the Horse Vitality Company.

Constantine Rau

Constantin Rau comes from a family of pharmacists and has been concerned with the composition and physiological effects of nutritional supplements for humans and animals since his early youth. Due to his many years of expertise in product development and pharmaceuticals, he takes care of the optimal composition of the products and the quality assurance of the raw materials.

He has also been working as a management consultant and investor for 15 years and has set himself the goal of founding and establishing companies with sustainable, natural and organic concepts. Therefore, he founded the Horse Vitality Company with Sandra and Maximilian in order to develop it into an international company in the field of nutritional supplements and care products for horses and other animals.