Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS
Hemp blend PLUS

Hemp blend PLUS

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The unique Hemp Plus mixture contains the most valuable parts of the hemp plant, namely hemp seeds, hemp leaves and hemp flour, and has also been supplemented with highly effective pharmacy-quality magnesium citrate. This means your horse receives a real “vital substance bomb” made up of essential amino acids, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Real health for eating for the well-being and even more vitality of your horse! The Hemp Plus mixture tastes excellent even for very taste-sensitive horses!

15% hemp leaves (cut)*

25% hemp seeds (whole)*

50% hemp seeds with shell (ground)*

10% magnesium citrate (equivalent to 10,000mg/kg magnesium from magnesium citrate)

* EU organic certified

You can download the dosage instructions for free here:


You can find a current analysis report on the Hemp-Plus mixture HERE

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Hemp was used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese as a valuable medicinal plant and fountain of youth. Because of its extreme density of vital substances, this plant is also called the “most complete source of food” in the world. In this unique Hemp PLUS mixture, the most valuable hemp plant is combined with pure magnesium, which is so important for horses.

Pure pharmacy quality

Certified organic hemp - particularly effective when combined with magnesium

Recommended by veterinarians & therapists

Specially tailored for horses in a unique recipe

Premium quality for your horse

Without fillers, preservatives, flavors or odors


Even my otherwise picky Tinker really enjoys eating the hemp mixture PLUS. I'm excited!"

Owner of Irish Cob Davie

frequently asked Questions

In general it depends on your horse. If you have the feeling that you might also have a zinc deficiency, we would normally recommend a metabolism booster, as this also has zinc added separately as a trace element. However, if you have a horse that is extremely picky/delicate, we would recommend the Hemp PLUS mixture. This has really been eaten really well by all horses so far. If you have a PSSM1 horse at home, it may be advisable to feed it the Hemp PLUS mixture. In general, it is recommended not to feed PSSM1 horses too much chromium-containing nettle. On the other hand, there are already a lot of positive comments from PSSM-1 horse owners who have fed the booster despite the (rather small) amount of nettle... If in doubt, please always clarify any supplementary feeding for horses with metabolic problems with your treating veterinarian. If you have just completed a treatment with the booster or with hemp, you are welcome to add a magnesium treatment. Magnesium as “the king of minerals” has many key functions and horses that have to perform a bit or sweat a lot in summer often have an increased need for magnesium. Changing the different products from the Horse Vitality Company certainly makes sense in terms of “varied” horse feeding.

In general, you can start a treatment at ANY TIME! However, support during coat change is particularly important for most horses. This always begins on the solstice, i.e. on December 21st. and on June 21st. every year. But basically you can start with Horse Vitality Company supplements at any time to support your horse!

In general, it is of course the case that the effects of high-quality supplementary foods occur more quickly if they are administered more often. But of course a valuable feed supplement 4 times a week is better than no feed supplement! Therefore, simply administer it as often and regularly as possible...

Of course, this varies from horse to horse and depends on the constitution and basic nutrition of the horse in question. In general, a 2 kg initial treatment with the metabolism booster for coat change in spring has proven to be very effective. You can then administer pure magnesium over the summer . The need for magnesium is increased, for example, by heavier training or more sweating. When the coat changes in autumn you can give it another treatment with the metabolism booster and in winter the winter starch is a great support for the cold season.

In general, we usually do not necessarily recommend feeding additional mineral or other supplements or other herbs. The background is that the exact mode of action can only be observed precisely with individual feeding. In addition, the calcium content in many supplementary feeds for horses is very high and this can significantly hinder the absorption of the high-quality zinc and magnesium.

Our own Icelandic young horses also receive the metabolism booster, the hemp plus mixture and the magnesium in rotation and are developing great. In general, of course, we cannot measure your young horse's need for vital substances from a distance. However, there is a lot of positive feedback as a supplementary feed, especially for young horses.

We have some breeder customers who have been feeding the supplementary feed to their pregnant mares for a long time. They are very happy with the effect. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact your local veterinarian. Thanks.

The metabolism booster. The combination of the amino acids from hemp and the added zinc, as well as the metabolism-stimulating magnesium and nettle, is really very valuable for healthy hoof growth. We received a lot of outstanding feedback on this!

Selenium is better absorbed in combination with zinc and therefore it can be administered effectively with the metabolism booster or the Hemp PLUS mixture. However, selenium treatments should always be discussed with the veterinarian, as an overdose can quickly become toxic for the horse.

This depends on many factors and, above all, the horse's metabolism. It can take anywhere from 3 days to about a month to clearly see the effects. However, there are always other factors, such as changes in weather, coat change, grass composition, etc., that can affect the horse's metabolism. Nervous horses usually become calmer, while more "phlegmatic" horses become more alert and energetic. So there is usually a positive effect towards the “inner center” in both weight and temperament.

That depends on when you start and what exactly you want to achieve with the supplementary feeding. For example, if you want to support shedding, then it makes sense to feed until the horse has actually finished shedding. If you want to support the horse during the year, for example when moving to the stable or during an intensive training phase, building muscle or simply strengthening the immune system, then you can simply do a treatment until the horse is back to its “center” and you feel the same has that it feels really fit and currently no longer needs any additional feeding. It is very difficult to make precise statements about the duration. But in most cases, feeding at least 2 kg of additional food as an initial treatment is important. For horses with “abnormalities”, it is often advisable to feed 3 kg at a time and then switch to “maintenance feeding” of another kilogram 2 to 3 times per week. If you are unsure, please ask your treating veterinarian for specific information. Thanks.

Yes, there are really a lot of really stunning results and feedback regarding all Horse Vitality Company products!

The coat change begins - usually unnoticed by the horse owner at first - when the days become shorter or longer , i.e. on December 21st and June 21st of each year. The horse's coat change should ideally be supported from this point onwards. Especially if the horses have metabolic abnormalities such as eczema, itching, poor immune systems, a tendency to get sick , etc. The coat change does not just begin when the hair falls out, but rather puts a strain on the horse's organism much earlier. That's why it's important to support horses that aren't so fit right from the start of their coat change - when the days get longer or shorter - and not just when the horse's hair falls out.

We have now received feedback from an incredible number of horse owners that both the metabolism booster and the Hemp PLUS mixture have helped many horses to balance their weight. Horses that were overweight lost weight, horses that were too thin gained weight.

That depends on your horse. If it has very specific deficiency symptoms or “abnormalities”, this may make sense. However, you should always discuss this with your treating veterinarian. We have usually had the best experience administering the metabolism booster or the Hemp PLUS mixture as the sole supplementary feed in horses without particularly severe deficiencies.

It is best to store our products in a dark, cool and well-sealed place. Minerals and trace elements are not “lost” as a result. However, natural vitamins in herbs such as vitamin E can be reduced. However, the important trace elements are not lost and the booster is therefore also well suited for longer storage times.

A little tip: It's best to order together with stable colleagues, then the pack will be used up more quickly.

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