Pure magnesium citrate
Pure magnesium citrate
Pure magnesium citrate
Pure magnesium citrate
Pure magnesium citrate
Pure magnesium citrate

Pure magnesium citrate

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If magnesium is missing, this can lead to a variety of health symptoms such as tight, tense muscles, nervousness and imbalance, jumpiness, problems with your horse's coat and metabolism, susceptibility to colic and digestive problems, general stiffness and poor performance and concentration and much more. In order to prevent such health problems, it is important to get enough magnesium.

100% magnesium citrate (contains approx. 100,000mg/kg magnesium from magnesium citrate)

You can download the dosage instructions here. DOWNLOAD NOW

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King of minerals

Magnesium is probably the most important bulk mineral and is responsible for a variety of metabolic processes. As the so-called "king of minerals", this bulk mineral organizes many other vital substances and therefore plays a key role in ensuring a smoothly running metabolism.

By the way - if you really overdose on magnesium, it will be easily excreted by your horse. Please feed the magnesium slowly as possible magnesium deficiencies cannot be ruled out.


- Muscle tension & poor muscle development
- Long recovery times after training
- Susceptibility to colic & digestive problems
- Stiffness & poor release
- Susceptibility to stress, jumpiness, inner restlessness
- Poor concentration ability
- Recurring blockages
- Cardiovascular problems & sensitivity to the weather
- Tarnished legs
- Slow metabolism or metabolic abnormalities

Why magnesium is so important for your horse

Pure pharmacy quality

High-quality citrate dosage form

Recommended by veterinarians & therapists

Particularly effective and highly effective even in small quantities

Premium quality for your horse

Without fillers, preservatives, flavors or odors

frequently asked Questions

Yes you can! However, this is particularly helpful for horses with a magnesium deficiency or extremely high magnesium requirements (heavy sweating, sport horses, long transport, etc.). If you feed the booster at full dosage, I would reduce the magnesium by around 30 percent from the “normal dose”.

In general, the booster is eaten very well by horses. However, there are around 2 to 3 particularly “fussy” specimens for every 100 horses. You can first introduce the taste of the booster to the horses with a small dose (e.g. ¼ to 1/2 teaspoon). You should always add a sip of water to the metabolism booster (and also the magnesium) so that the horse does not have to eat the additional feed “dry and powdery”. You can also sweeten the horse's taste at the beginning with, for example, a little grated apple or yellow beet/carrot or a little apple juice or unsweetened applesauce or a little honey. The zinc added in the metabolism booster has a somewhat bitter taste and that is the reason why a few horses find the booster somewhat difficult to eat. If the horse is SUPER HICKY/FICKY, then you can also switch to the great Hemp PLUS mixture. So far all horses (even the pickiest ones) have eaten this very well and happily.

Theoretically yes, but it is very easily excreted by the horse in the feces. If a horse already has a magnesium deficiency (which unfortunately is not uncommon), you should feed the magnesium slowly, as it is very intensive as it has no fillers. If the (initial) dose is too high, the horse could in rare cases have diarrhea.

You can feed magnesium citrate permanently or as a treatment, depending on your horse's needs. (See dosage instructions)

Your daughter's warmblood would like to have it permanently (excess magnesium is excreted from the body).

You can just feed it to him as a cure, just test it out. Of course, we can't say from here what will work best for your horse. :)

If you are unsure, please consult your veterinarian or local feeding advice center.

You can feed magnesium with alfalfa cobs, only zinc is inhibited in absorption (it is contained in the metabolism booster and, of course, also in the Hemp Blend Plus). This means that with the metabolism booster you should only feed a small amount of alfalfa. Please note, however, that alfalfa cobs contain significantly more protein than hay cobs - depending on whether your horse can tolerate that much protein.

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