Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend
Summer fit blend

Summer fit blend

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Sommerfit was specially designed to provide your horse with holistic support, especially in the warm season.

The unique mixture of selected organic herbs, seeds, leaves and pure magnesium supports your horse comprehensively and holistically in his health and well-being, even on warm/hot days.

brown millet*

Birch leaves*

Spring dandelion*


Fenugreek seeds*

Milk thistle herb*


Magnesium citrate

*EU organic certified

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the properties of the summer mixture


Hawthorn has a high amount of vitamin C, flavonoids, histamines and tannins as ingredients. Hawthorn is said to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, circulation-optimizing and relaxing effects. Hawthorn is often used as a natural strengthening agent for the cardiovascular system, especially in older horses. Hawthorn is also often administered for laminitis and laminitis problems.


The effect of milk thistle is optimized by dandelion . Dandelion is also said to have a liver and kidney cleansing effect. Its ingredients have a detoxifying, diuretic and blood purifying effect. In addition, the immune system and digestion are strengthened and your horse's skin and musculoskeletal system also benefit from the diverse ingredients of one of the oldest known medicinal herbs.


The birch is often referred to as the “kidney tree” because of its positive, detoxifying effects. The birch leaves have a great kidney and diuretic and positive draining effect.


In summer, horses have an increased need for magnesium due to sweat loss. As the "king of minerals", this important bulk mineral is essential for a physiological metabolism, relaxed, efficient muscles, good rideability and nerves, smooth digestion, good concentration and performance and an optimized body weight of your horse.


The bedstraw is known for its positive effect on lymphatic flow and its kidney-supporting, purifying, diuretic and antibacterial effects. It is therefore often administered to stimulate metabolism, to promote healthy skin, powerful hooves, a beautiful coat and for tiredness or exhaustion. The high proportion of naturally occurring silica makes bedstraw a valuable supplier of vital substances for your horse.

Brown millet

Brown millet is known for its positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system of horses. Bones, cartilage and also connective tissue can be strengthened by brown millet. But brown millet is also often used to support existing joint problems or osteoarthritis.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is commonly known as THE liver support herb par excellence. Unfortunately, elevated liver values ​​are very common in our domesticated horses. The consequences can be a loss of performance, muscle loss, persistent fatigue, weight problems, colic, metabolic abnormalities, skin problems, aggressive behavior and much more. Milk thistle has been used to support the liver for a very long time. This great herb with the main active ingredient silymarin is said to have a metabolism-stimulating, liver detoxifying and cell-regenerating effect. Milk thistle is also recommended for weight regulation, improving the appearance of the skin, optimizing the horn quality of the hooves and after worming treatments or medication due to its metabolism-promoting effect.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are suitable for internal use to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the immune system. Older, thin or rebuilding horses can also be effectively supported by fenugreek seeds.

Pure pharmacy quality

Without fillers, preservatives, flavors or odors

Recommended by veterinarians & therapists

Specially tailored for horses in a unique recipe. Particularly effective thanks to the combination of herbs and important vital substances

Premium quality for your horse

Certified organic herbs, all grown in Germany - hand-mixed and carefully produced in Bavaria

Real vitality to eat

Thanks to her years of experience as a breeder , holistic horse health expert and trainer, Sandra Fencl, together with the Katharinanapotheke in Unterhaching, created this highly effective mixture of valuable organic herbs, seeds and leaves and magnesium.

Real vitality to eat to support your horse's internal and external balance, especially in the warm season!

frequently asked Questions

You can usually do a regimen of 1 to 2kg per horse over the summer. On cool days, it's nice to have a bit of a metabolism booster every now and then. It is important that your horse is used to both feeds so that you don't have to re-feed him every time. If your horse is very sensitive to digestion, I would rather NOT switch back and forth, but rather go through a treatment. If your horse is struggling with the heat, I would do 2 kg, otherwise 1 kg is also a good treatment. Afterwards, you can also take a treatment with pure magnesium citrate or then use the metabolism booster again.

Please DO NOT feed to pregnant mares as fenugreek seeds could have a stimulating effect on the uterus.

Our own Icelandic young horses also receive the metabolism booster, the hemp plus mixture, the summer fit mixture and the magnesium in rotation and are developing great. In general, of course, we cannot measure your young horse's need for vital substances from a distance. However, there is a lot of positive feedback as a supplementary feed, especially for young horses.

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