Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength
Winter strength

Winter strength

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The winter strength was specially designed to provide your horse with holistic support during the cold season. A valuable mixture of selected herbs, roots and vital substances can comprehensively strengthen and help your horse, even on cold days.

Save over 20 percent for a short time only with the discounted savings package and secure your winter starch supply even for cool or windy or rainy spring or summer days! Your horse and his immune system will thank you!

Yarrow herb (cut)*

Licorice root (cut)*

Icelandic moss (cut)*

Spirulina powder*

Chlorella powder*

Turmeric powder*

Magnesium citrate



*kbA = controlled organic cultivation

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You can find a current analysis report HERE

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The properties of the winter mixture


Manganese is an essential trace element and is involved in the formation of various enzymes. It ensures the cell's energy supply and therefore plays an important role in a smoothly functioning metabolism, but also in the development of connective tissue, cartilage and bones.


Turmeric is known as a "superfood" and is often used as the "spice of life" in winter as a strengthening, "warming" from the inside, antioxidant and naturally anti-inflammatory spice. This super tuber is also often used for osteoarthritis and metabolic abnormalities.


Magnesium as the "king of minerals" is essential for a physiological metabolism, but also for relaxed muscles, good nerves, smooth digestion and optimal concentration for your horse.

Blue-green algae spirulina

With its amino acids, the blue-green algae spirulina excellently complements the herbs and vital substances in the winter starch mixture. Your horse's immune system and also his muscles are effectively supported by their ingredients.

Licorice root

Liquorice root is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and liquefy mucus in the respiratory tract and promote its expectoration. Liquorice is also said to have an effect against viruses and ulcers.


Zinc is also important for metabolism, but also for a strong immune system and healthy skin, hair, hooves, joints and smooth shedding.


Yarrow is said to have anti-inflammatory, blood circulation and digestive stimulating effects.

Chlorella algae

Chlorella algae is known for its detoxifying effects and can contribute to improved muscle metabolism.

Icelandic moss

Icelandic moss is known for its positive effects on mucous membranes and digestion.


You can find the informative video about the ingredients and their effects of winter starch here on Sandra's YouTube channel

to the video

Pure pharmacy quality

Without fillers, preservatives, flavors or odors

Recommended by veterinarians & therapists

Specially tailored for horses in a unique recipe. Particularly effective thanks to the combination of herbs and important vital substances

Premium quality for your horse

Certified organic herbs, all grown in Germany - hand-mixed and carefully produced in Bavaria

Real vitality to eat

Through her years of experience as a breeder , holistic horse therapist and trainer, she and the Katharinanapotheke in Unterhaching have created this highly effective mixture of valuable organic herbs and what she believes are the two most important metabolic vital substances, zinc and magnesium.

Real vitality to eat to support your horse's internal and external balance.

frequently asked Questions

Depending on your horse's condition and whether it needs more support in winter due to, for example, "susceptibility to cold, damp weather" , a treatment of 1 to 2 kg for one to two months definitely makes sense. It is best to discuss details with your local veterinarian or nutritionist . We cannot provide individual feeding advice from a distance. Unfortunately, we don't know your horse and its basic care, training intensity, health status, etc.

In general, we cannot and must not make any “promises of healing” . Thanks to its unique blend, Winter Starch aims to provide holistic support for the organism during the cold season . The lungs and mucous membranes and the immune system should also benefit positively from the winter mixture.

Yes you can. Of course, you should generally clarify all osteoarthritis findings with your veterinarian . But in general, many horse owners with osteoarthritis horses say that the winter mixture has an anti-inflammatory and metabolism-stimulating effect due to its high-quality ingredients. They are very happy with it and have had great success.

In general, it is very difficult to give a general answer as to whether the winter mixture from the Horse Vitality Company can help your horse. The fact is, however, that Winter Strength is a holistic mixture of organic herbs, trace elements and minerals that provide your horse with holistic support, especially in winter. The great ingredients actively support your horse's metabolism, which can lead to better thermoregulation. Curcuma also has a “warming effect from the inside” and can possibly help your horse feel more comfortable on cold or damp days. In addition, Alteng and magnesium citrate are certainly helpful for your horse's muscle metabolism and can thus help to counteract tension in your horse. I would definitely try the winter mixture for your horse and we look forward to your feedback.

Theoretically you can do that. However, I would rather complete one course and then start the next course . Both mixtures are very holistic. However, since both mixtures contain very high-quality, strong herbs , it is good to alternate the mixtures. Because every herb has an effect and should not be fed all year round . In nature, very few herbs are available all year round and are therefore eaten by wild horses.

The winter strength is - as the name suggests - specifically intended for the cold season . It has some valuable plant ingredients that have a “warming effect from within”. That's why it's not quite as suitable for summer - except on cool days - and is also manufactured as a seasonal product by the Horse Vitality Company and only sold during the cold season .

Unfortunately not at the moment! However, all horses (no matter how fussy) have eaten the winter strength so far. It is important that you feed the winter starch slowly and mix it with, for example, some concentrated feed or hay beans and also add some water so that it is not fed "dry".

Yes, please! A holistic supplementary food is sufficient.

In general, the composition of the metabolism booster and the winter mixture is different, but the effect of both is very holistic and both support the coat change very well. The amino acids that are important for muscle metabolism can be found in the booster in hemp and in the winter mixture in the algae. Both mixtures contain the super important vital substances magnesium and zinc. However, the herbal composition is different. While the nettle from the booster also helps with detoxification and the skin. Are there herbs, spices and roots in the winter mixture that are good for digestion, internal warmth, the mucous membranes and lungs and also the joints. Here the effect is different and so you can then consider whether you would rather Another kilo of winter starch (especially in cold temperatures, old or weak horses or horses with arthrosis or cold problems) or whether you then switch to the metabolism booster. Both are great products that help holistically! And yes, please always feed them to change the horse slowly. Thank you.

I give my horses the winter mixture for about 1 month = 1 kg, which is also great for coat change and then I continue with the booster because from around the end of February it gets warmer. That would be optimal.

If both have been fed for at least 2 weeks and the horse is not hypersensitive to feed changes, you can switch between the two products. That's how I do it. I have both in the stable and when it's cold and/or wet (the Iberians don't like that that much) I give them the winter starch and when it's warm days again I give them the metabolism booster. This works great for my two and I can optimally support them holistically, depending on the weather. But of course you can also give the booster in autumn, then 1 to 2 kg of winter starch for the coldest time and then the metabolism booster again.

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